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 List of Cult Members

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Huntress Tora Tigerfrost
Huntress Tora Tigerfrost

Sagittarius Tiger
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List of Cult Members Empty
PostSubject: List of Cult Members   List of Cult Members EmptySat Oct 23, 2010 5:51 pm

High Priestess: High Priestess Myra Moonshadow [NPC]

High Priest: High Priest Tyrial Whisperwind [NPC]

Healer: Healer Adox Treeleaf [NPC]


Sentinel Welkin Skywing (M) [NPC]

Sentinel Umbra Darkshadow (F) [NPC]

Sentinel Nealon Eagletalon (M) [NPC]

Sentinel Perrin Rocksong (M) [NPC]


Huntress Reveka Ravenoak [NPC]

Hunter Taro Riverbreeze [NPC]

Hunter Tabbart Shimmerbreath [NPC]

Huntress Tora Tigerfrost

Huntress Shadow Starshine


Tyro Healer Amethyst

Tyro Sentinel Nightmare

Tyro Hunter Severin [NPC] Trainer: Hunress Reveka Ravenoak

Tyro Sentinel Xyris (F) [NPC] Trainer: Sentinel Nealon Eagletalon

Tyro Huntress Solaine [NPC] Trainer: Hunter Taro Riverbreeze

Tyro Sentinel Fain (M) [NPC] Trainer: Sentinel Umbra Darkshadow

Whelps (Pups):

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List of Cult Members
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